Growler Filling Stations: Texas-TX

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  Alamo Heights
Phone: 000-000-0000
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Growler FAQ...

What is a Growler?
Growlers are generally refillable conatiners into which tap beer is poured for home consumption. They are usually 64 oz in size but some businesses will fill 32 oz Growlers. And in some cases they can go much larger.

How long does beer last in a Growler?
If unopened, 7-10 days. Once open, 2 days is the max.

How to clean your Growler?
If recently consumed, use hot water with a little dish soap making sure it is rinsed well. For longer periods, a sanitizer might be necessary before refilling.
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Common Terms
Alcohol By Volume (ABV)
The measure of the amount of space the alcohol in a beer takes up as a percentage of total volume. This is the worldwide standard for measuring the alcohol content in beer.

International Bittering Units (IBUs)
A measure of the bitterness in a beer. The most bitter beers can be over 100 IBUs.

Cask Conditioning
Instead of being filtered and stored in pressurized kegs, cask-conditioned beer is kept in a cask with its yeast and is dispensed using a special pump.